Prophet Muhammad’s Marriage with Umm Habibah | The Explanation You're Looking For

Prophet Muhammad’s Marriage with Umm Habibah ~ Hi all readers! In this article, I will explain the humanity behind the marriage of the Prophet Muhammad with Umm Habibah. Straight to! The real name of this Prophet Muhammad’s wife was Ramlah bint Abu Sufyan ibn Harb bin Umaiyah ibn Abdu Shams al-Umawi. She was nicknamed Umm Habibah. Her mother is Shafiyah, aunt of Uthman bin ‘Affan. His father’s real name is Shakhr bin Harb. He is 10 years younger than the Prophet Muhammad.

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Umm Habibah was born 17 years before the Prophet Muhammad was appointed as a Prophet and Apostle. At first, she was the wife of aid Ubaidullah bin Jahsy. They both converted to Islam and had migrated to Habasyah. But then her husband returned to Christianity, while she remained a Muslim.

Umm Habibah once said, “I once dreamed of seeing my husband, Ubaidullah bin Jahsy, in a very bad shape. I was very shocked. For Allah’s sake, his condition has changed. In the morning he said, “O Umm Habibah, actually I have seen religion. I do not see a religion that is better than Christianity. Indeed, I have submitted to that religion and then I entered the religion of Muhammad, then I returned to embrace Christianity.” She said, “By Allah, there is no good for you.”

Actually, ‘Ubaidullah bin Jahsy was among the Islamic dignitaries who were in the first line to defend Islam. But the ethics are bad. He was subject to violence, the influence of women and the dignitaries in Habasyah. He then returned there. But not long after that he died.

After that Ubaidullah bin Jahsy returned to being a Christian follower, Umm Habibah always felt sad. She then secluded himself at home. She is embarrassed because of her ex-husband’s decision. She did not want to meet other people in his hijrah. She also did not want to return to her origin’s place because there was her father who had declared a vicious war on the Prophet that she had justified. She also doesn’t want to go back to her ex-husband’s place.

At that time the Prophet Muhammad sent two letters to King Najasyi the ruler of Habasyah. The first letter contains an invitation for the king to be willing to convert to Islam. The second letter contained his request to the king so that the king would be willing to marry him to Umm Habibah. Like the tit for tat, the contents of the two letters were received by the king happily, even the king greatly glorified his envoy who brought the two letters.

King Najasyi conveyed that to the messengers of the Prophet Muhammad. He said that he offered to enter Islam and marry the Prophet Muhammad with Umm Habibah. He also gave 400 Dinar of dowry. He handed the dowry to Khalid bin Sa’id bin ‘Ash.

Thus, the marriage of the Prophet Muhammad with Umm Habibah was to give her glory. She was a prominent woman in her tribe. Her father is the leader of his people. She was willing to leave the glory and join the Prophet Muhammad. The ordeal that she experienced increased when her ex-husband decided to return to embrace Christianity. Before she married the Prophet Muhammad, she only lived with her daughter named Habibah.

Another reason for the marriage was to reconnect family relations between the Prophet Muhammad and Abu Sufyan, Umm Habibah’s father. He also hoped that his father would be willing to convert to Islam.

In short, in 44 hijria, during the reign of Mu’awiyah bin Abi Sufyan, Umm Habibah, the mother of the believers died. During her life, she was very obedient in carrying out the teachings of Islam.

May Allah’s mercy and forgiveness be poured out on Umm Habibah. Amen!

I think that is enough for this article. May be useful! Amen!

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We can also find the information above in, Ali Yusuf as-Subki, Zaujaatu an-Nabiy ath-Thaahiraat wa Hikmatu Ta’addudihinna, al-Faith Publishing, Cairo, p. 175-186 and 248.

Akhmad Syafiuddin
Akhmad Syafiuddin Muslim. Graduate of Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt.

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