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Humanity Behind the Prophet Muhammad’s Marriage with Saudah binti Zam’ah

Muhammad’s Marriage with Saudah binti Zam’ah

Humanity Behind the Prophet Muhammad’s Marriage with Saudah binti Zam’ah ~ Hi readers! In the previous articles we discussed the humanist side behind polygamy carried out by the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam. In this article I will explain the humanist value behind his marriage to Saudah binti Zam’ah.

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This wife of the Prophet Muhammad named Suadah bint Zam’ah bin Qais bin Abdussyams bin Abdu Wad bin Nadhar bin Malik bin Hasl bin Amir bin Luay al-Qurasyiyyah al-Amiriyyah. Before marrying the Prophet, Saudah bint Zam’ah married Sakran bin Amr bin Abdu Shams bin Abdu Wad al-Qatasyi al-Amiri. Her husband was none other than the son of his own uncle who migrated with her to Habsyah.

Sakran bin Amr was one of eight Bani Amir people who were willing to leave their property and hometown to move to defend Islam. Eight of them included Malik bin Zam'ah ibn Qais bin Abdu Shams al-Amiri (brother of Saudah), Sakran bin Amr ibn Abdu Shams, Abdullah bin Suhail bin Amr (brother of Sakran bin Amr bin Abdu Shams). As well as the wives of these three people, namely, Saudah bint Zam’ah bin Qais bin Abdu Shams, Umm Kulthum bint Suahail bin Amr bin Abdu Shams and Imrah bint Waqidan bin Abdu Shams.

There is a history narrated by Ibn Abbas who told, that one day Saudah bint Zam'ah dreams of meeting the Prophet Muhammad. In the dream he headed towards her and approached him suddenly he held her neck her. She then told the mimi to her husband. Her husband then replied, “If your dream is true then soon, I will die and the Prophet will marry you.”

On another night Saudah bint Zam'ah dreamed of seeing the moon come toward him who was relaxing sleeping on his back. The dream was then told to her husband. Then her husband said, “If your dream is true, soon I will die. And after my death you will remarry.” After the dream of his wife Sakran (Saudah’s husband) pondered those days and soon he breathed his last breath.

At that time the Prophet Muhammad was still sad because of Khadijah’s death. Khadijah is a perfect wife who always gives her happiness in domestic life. She believed in him when many people belied him, and Allah Ta’ala gave him sons and daughters through her womb.

At such times the companions always accompanied the Prophet Muhammad. They advised him to get married again because maybe with that sadness he was feeling would diminish. But none of them dared to say that to him until one day Khaulah bint Hakim came to see him and encouraged him to remarry.

In short, on the sidelines of the conversation between the Prophet Muhammad and Khaulah bint Hakim, she encouraged him to choose whether he wanted to marry a girl or a widow. The figure of the girl offered by Khaulah was Aisyah bint Abu Bakr. While the widow offered is Saudah binti Zam’ah. The reason Khaulah offered Saudah bint Zam’ah to him was because she had believed in him and sincerely followed the teachings he conveyed. He then agreed. He then told Khalulah to convey these intentions to them.

Khaulah then conveyed that intention to Saudah. Saudah also agreed to marry the Prophet Muhammad.

Saudah was the first widow married to the Prophet Muhammad after Khadijah’s death.

The Prophet Muhammad did not have a single wife when he married Saudah. You can be sure he takes care of his own needs. When the marriage took place Saudah almost seventy years, while his age was around fifty to five five years. At that time Suadah had very difficult difficulties. He really knows about that. It is impossible for him to leave her like that so that it will make his enemies happy.

Prophet Muhammad’s marriage with Saudah automatically reduces the difficulties of life he is experiencing. In addition, the marriage also raises her degree and gives glory to her and her people. What he did was none other than the broader good.

Saudah is a tall woman and the road is slow. He is known as a cheerful woman. Not infrequently she made him laugh partially. In addition, she is also well known among friends.

Saudah accompanied the Prophet Muhammad until he died. She herself died during the reign of Umar bin Khattab in 54 hijria. May Allah’s mercy and forgiveness be poured out on Suadah bint Zam’ah, the Mother of Believers. Amen!

You can also find the information above you can find in, Ali Yusuf as-Subki, Zaujaatu an-Nabiy sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam ath-Thaahiraat wa Hikmatu Ta’addudihinna, al-Imam Publishing, Cairo, p. 57-68 and 241-242.

Akhmad Syafiuddin
Akhmad Syafiuddin Muslim. Graduate of Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt.

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